Pio’s $10,000 Toilet from Toto + Zero G Floatation Tub | Excess w/ Pio

Pio heads to Toto to get a $10,000 Toilet with heated seats and personal wash features then lays down in a Zero G Floatation Tub.
Pio’s $18,000 Custom Suit from Joel Embiid & Cam Newton’s Fav Shop Adriaen Black | Excess w/ Pio – https://youtu.be/sZ0WvkbOqjI

When Pio meets Bill Strang, President of Operations & E-Commerce for Toto. Toto is a company that makes the finest toilets you can sit your butt on. These toilets are so fancy they open and close themselves! From there Pio learns about their Zero Gravity Floatation Tub and how there is room for 2…

Would you spend $10k on a toilet?

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Pio La Ditingancia aka the man who wants you to know he’s “not a baby” introduces you to the good life! From 24k gold chicken wings to toilet bidets, Pio shows you how to live like a star! Follow Pio as he gets a taste of luxury and opulence!

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