Pio’s $1,000 Facial at Tracie Martyn Spa w/ Marius Morariu | Excess w/ Pio

Pio meets Marius Morariu co-founder of Tracie Martyn, a high end spa, and receives the Red Carpet facial treatment!
Pio’s $18,000 Custom Suit from Joel Embiid & Cam Newton’s Fav Shop Adriaen Black | Excess w/ Pio – https://youtu.be/sZ0WvkbOqjI

Pio hits up a Tracie Martyn Skin Care Spa and gets the Red Carpet Treatment. After chatting with Tracie Martyn co-founder Marius Morariu, an esthetician gives him the star treatment. Using a micro derm abrasion for exfoliation to make Pio’s skin soft.

Would you spend $1,000 for a facial treatment?

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Pio La Ditingancia aka the man who wants you to know he’s “not a baby” introduces you to the good life! From 24k gold chicken wings to toilet bidets, Pio shows you how to live like a star! Follow Pio as he gets a taste of luxury and opulence!

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