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When rapping about pandas doesn’t shield you from the law. Rapper Designer was arrested for a loaded gun and intent to sell when he, and a couple of his friends were arrested following a road [More]
Protests are popping up all over the country in response to president-elect Donald Trump’s transition into the White House. Thousands of BLM supporters, gay and women’s rights activists alike are marching together to make their [More]
“Live It Up” Featuring Crank Lucas, Dunson and HEM iTunes: Video shot by Redz James, produced by Elijah Harvey, mixed and mastered by Jake Vicious. All single purchases will have a portion donated to [More]
The moment you try and have “the talk” with your guy about “where this is going”, and he sidesteps ALL of the important questions….Yet somehow you fall into it! The beginnings of a “SITUATIONSHIP”!!
“Not Up For Debate” is live with Justin Hunte, the Brand Ambassador of HipHopDX. In this broadcast, we discuss topics about the best Hip Hop albums, rap beef, best rap groups, and more. @TheCompanyMan @TahirMoore [More]
Some people won’t realize no matter how good the 90s were … ITS OVER
Jon Scarlett, Jasmin Brown, Brandon Lewis, and Clint Coley look into issues regarding infidelity, and discuss if a person can be considered single until marriage. #Thecooler @clintcoley Brandon Lewis @whoisbrandonlewis Jasmin Brown @watchjazzy Jon Scarlett [More]