FUTURE – Before They Were Famous

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Before Future was engaged to Ciara
Before he beefed with T Pain and Drake
Before releasing an album with five singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 and one that earned him a spot as number one on the Billboard 200

Future grew up in the Kirkwood neighbourhood of Atlanta, Georgia. As a teen he was shot, and lived on the streets until he was 24 years old. His cousin got him into the rap game, where he wrote for other rappers, before developing his own unique sound and emotional verses about love and relationships.

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn was born on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta Georgia. He was raised in the infamous “Zone 6” by his mother, who worked as a 911 operator. He spent a lot of time at his great-aunt’s house, and he says he had multiple aunts and uncles who were on drugs. His mother was one of the only people he knew on the straight and narrow, and she tried to keep him on that path.

But Future managed to get himself into trouble, anyway. In fact, he changed his last name to “Cash” to throw off the police, and at the tender age of 14 or 15, he was shot in the right hand. His mother didn’t like what he was doing, so he lived on the streets from 17 until the age of 24, but managed to attend high school at Columbia High.

Future got his stage name from members of the musical collective The Dungeon Family, who called him The Future. One of these guys was his cousin, Rico Wade, who Future called the mastermind behind his sound. Rico Wade encouraged Future to sharpen his writing skills, gave him musical instruction, and pushed him pursue a career in hip hop.

Future did just that, writing hooks and verses for other Atlanta-based rappers like Ludacris. In 2009, he started working with Rocko, who soon signed him to A-1 Recordings. Over the next couple years Future released a huge series of mix tapes, including 1000, Dirty Sprite and True Story. During this time he also wrote YC’s “Racks”, and partnered with Gucci Mane on Free Bricks.
My name is Michael McCrudden, documenting the life of Future prior to fame here for you on Before They Were Famous.

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