EMINEM – Before They Were Famous – UPDATED

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BEFORE EMINEM took home an Oscar, 15 Grammy’s and made it into the Guiness World Record book 5 times.
BEFORE EMINEM would become the best selling artist throughout the 2000’s.
BEFORE MARSHALL MATHERS would offend the LGBT Community, Religious groups, many a pop star, women in general.
BEFORE Marshall Mathers would sit down with Dave Skylark in ‘The Interview’ Also test the truth that ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’
BEFORE Eminem would struggle with addiction to Valium, Vicodin & Methadone.

A shy kid moving an average of two times each year to some of the roughest and toughest publics schools in America. Young Marshall would be harassed daily by bullies at every turn, one kid was truthfully named D’angelo Bailey who Eminem later put on blast. D’Angelo aspired to be a rapper himself later in life but when life led him to a career of that of a janitor he attempted to sue Marshall. Marshall’s family would even poke fun of him at home calling him Mickey because of his big ears.

His dad nowhere to be found young Marshall was raised by his mother, Deborah who never managed to hold down a job for more than several months at a time. Eminem would get lost in drawing as his first form of artistic expression, that was until he was introduced to hip hop at 11 and an N.W.A. album at the age of 14, from there he was obsessed with rap and Hip Hop. It would take him over over 10 years to work his way through the underground rap scene in Detroit to impress Dr. Dre and later blow the world away.

My name is Michael McCrudden documenting the life and career of Eminem or Marshall Matthers here for you on Before They Were Famous. I did make a video of him in this series almost three years ago and felt it was due time for an update.

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