DESIIGNER – Before They Were Famous


THERE IS AN ERROR IN THIS VIDEO – DESIIGNER was never known as DESIGNER FLOW – That is another artist. Please forgive us for this mistake.


Before his single Panda shot to number one, taking in over 80 millions views in just 4 months and making the 18 year old the first chart-topping rapper from New York since Jay Z

Before Desiigner’s sudden and drastic rise to fame had people hating on him for copying Future’s signature mumbly vocal style.

Before his crazy dance moves, frantic southern trap style, and hard hooks had him go from a virtually unknown rapper to the next big thing

Before Desiigner’s debut impressed Kanye West so much, Yeezy had him open for his Life of Pablo concert at Madison Square Garden.

Before his incredible rise as a chart-topper and [proh-tuh-zhey] protege to Kanye West, Desiigner or Sidney was a trouble-maker living in [bed-STY] Bedstuy Brooklyn. His grandfather was a well known blues musician who went by the name Guitar Crusher, and his legacy would motivate Selby to pursue music. While getting involved in drug-dealing he sang in choir and became the go-to guy amongst his friends for writing rap hooks. But his involvement in the drug game became very real when he was shot at the age of 14. Needing a way out, he knew his music was his best chance at escape and along the way he became obsessed with a car that reminded him of a panda.

New York City can be a tough town – I actually just got back from a trip there where I picked up this shirt, in Times Square dudes were yelling at me YouTube bro and one guy chased me, I thought this shirt would keep my safe just in case. Plus I kinda look like a cop, am I right?

What’s going on guys my name is Michael Mccrudden documenting the journey to fame of young artist Desiigner, here for you on before they were famous. I’ve also done other young artists like Dizzy wright and Chief Keef, as well as Kanye himself. Be sure to check those out and let me know who I should cover next.

Sidney Royel Selby the third was born on May 3 1997 in [bed-STY] Bedstuy, Brooklyn, a neighborhood that was home to other talented artists like Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, Aaliyah, and Chris Rock. He was a little bit of a trouble-maker when he was young, but just your standard ‘boys will be boys’ type shenanigans. His family was a big one and came from all over America, which might explain how he got a Southern accent growing up in New York.

But Selby was a lot more interested in making music than his studies, something that ran in the family. His grandfather, Sidney Selby, was a successful blues musician who played with R&B groups The Isley Brothers and The Drifters under the name Guitar Crusher. He also released a few albums that had a big influence on young Shelby and motivated him to continue making his own tracks.

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