Kylie Jenner is the center piece to the beef that started between 21 Savage and Tyga. It all began on November 13th, with a tweet from Savage that went like: “Got this super star chick [More]
If you’re a J. Cole fan, you must be excited about all the Cole news! Yesterday, Cole let the world know about his ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ being released on December 9th. Less than 24 [More]
A new study shows women prefer bigger-than average size penises. Researchers from the University of California and New Mexico tested 75 women, ages 18 to 65, and provided them with 33 different-sized 3D penis models. [More]
“Decline” by Zeus Anderson – #HollaAtMeMusic
“Come Around” by Breeze Brown – #HollaAtMeMusic
Bitin by North Side Story #HollaAtMeMusic
If I Could Tell You by Ikabod the God #HollaAtMeMusic
Tupac Shakur will be inducted into the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, amongst rock bands Journey and Pearl Jam. Shakur will be the first solo Hip-Hop artist ever to be awarded this achievement. [More]
Adam Saleh, a YouTube celebrity who’s known for creating viral pranks, has accused Delta Airlines of kicking him off of their plane due to racial discrimination. Saleh captured the aftermath on video, and said he [More]
Trey Songz was performing in Detroit Wednesday night, when he spoke out to the crowd saying he loves them even if his show his cut short. The concert soon came to an end, after Songz [More]