After she became the first African-American and first female mayor of Mound City, IL, Allison Madison took the internet by storm thanks to her resemblance to Cardi B. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ►► #IWentViral [More]
Subscribe: —————————————————————————————– Being transgender isn’t easy at all. Those who go through transitioning have to go through a rough period to become who they truly want to be. And it doesn’t get any easier [More]
Black History First: Bessie Coleman First African American Female Pilot Bessie Coleman was an American civil aviator who became the first African American woman to earn an aviation pilot license. Born in 1892 to a [More]
There’s a good reason the sight of a Viking longship struck fear in the hearts of coastal villagers: the Vikings were bad news for everyone. When they weren’t raiding, pillaging, and demanding tribute not to [More]
Death is already scary enough, but imagine going out in one of the most painfully designed ways possible! SUBSCRIBE to Watch This: WATCH MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE HERE: 5 Most Disturbing 911 Calls: [More]
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Just a fun spontaneous video in Times Square! Like, Comment & Share (:
This video is a throwback of Snoop Dogg speaking about the Tupac Shakur biggie smalls beef! ‘****************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE TO HIP HOP UNCENSORED HERE: ********************************************************************** FOR THE HIP HOP NEWS UNCENSORED MENTORSHIP CLASS CLICK HERE: [More]