Executive Producer: Ali Bennett, Director/Producer: Chris Allen, J.Cruz hits us off with another club banger. This one definitely for the ladies.
Download Song: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/drea… Executive Producer: Ali Bennett, Director/DP: Jerrion Session, Asst. Dir.: Mack Bradley, Asst. DP.: Tito Cruz., Editor: Bug Monster. Models by LUXE Modeling agncy. J.cruz did it again with a sing along song [More]
J.Cruz and H-Life catch reck on this video Directed/Produced by Stacks Media Group, Ali Bennett, Derek Lawrence, Bug Monster & Tito Cruz with help from Hidden Films own Anky Cyriaque
https://www.facebook.com/vodkila?fref=ts https://soundcloud.com/vodkila-music AMG/Vodkila, Sylent Soldiers, Stacks Media Group/YBF have done it again with another smash!! Executive Producer: AMG/Vodkila Director/Producer/Editor: Ali LaMar DP/AD: Mack Bradley Camera: Kaicoonmedia Mccoy Casting by : Len C Beary
http://www.facebook.com/vodkila Vodkila continues to take over as they Spread into Long Island Captree Beach for there anual beach party… If you missed it check out the pics on Facebook Executive Producer: AGM/Vodkila Spirits Director/Producer: Ali [More]
http://www.facebook.com/vodkila AGM/Vodkila agents join forces with Michael Alan (MARS) to begin there quest to take over the parties everywhere. Once Vodkila is introduced the party has begun. “The Joy Of Being Responsible” Executive Producer: AGM/Vodkila [More]
Brand new Mr Cheeks w/Julio Mena (I Can’t Take This No More) Free download https://soundcloud.com/melody-monster… Shot/Edited by @inallwetrust
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RICH CHIGGA’S TWITTER: @RichChigga Get “Dat $tick” on iTunes: https://hollaatme.com/datstick Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/richbrian Produced by Ananta Vinnie ©2016 Rich Chigga ℗2016 DOTWAV Records