Cardi B Wins Grammy , Valentines Day , & More ft. Khleo Thomas- E06 | The Internet Is Undefeated

Khleo Thomas stops by and joins Patrick and DoBoy to discuss the Grammy’s, BET throwing shade at Nicki Minaj, Sheck Wes’ violence + more.




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03:54 – Kodak Black flies IG model back home so she doesn’t go to Grammy Party on his dime.

05:58 – DoBoy Stuck in couch story

11:34 – Grammy’s

23:29 – Offset drops trailer the day his wife Cardi B wins Grammy

30:20 – BET throws unnecessary shade at Nicki Minaj.

37:59 – P*ssy Posse (Leonardo’s Crew)

39:45 – New Alladin trailer

47:05 – Sheck Wes in hot water

49:26 – Khleo Thomas’ instructions for dealing with violent women (Don’t hit women)

52:34 – high-end brands hate black people?

56:29 – Floyd Mayweather doesn’t care, shopping spree at Gucci

01:05:15 – Conspiracy Corner: Slender Man

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