Black Excellist: Top 10 Black Billionaires in the World

Top 10 Black Billionaires in the World

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As of 2017, 10 of the richest people in the world are of black ancestry. That’s less than 1%, which is a very small percentage. However, we would like to applaud these super-rich black entrepreneurs and black business moguls who have worked their way into the elite club called: The Top 1%.

Many of you may ask how did we comprise our list… well it is based on current Net Worth, which is the value of assets, property, as well as cash *minus* liabilities. This is the universal measurement for financial health and well-being. Interesting enough, only 3 of our world’s Top 10 Black Billionaires are Americans. 3 are women. And with the exception of only 1, *all* are self-made!

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Published Date: November 2017

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