Watch Colin Kaepernick in the new Nike commercial
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Colin Kaepernick gave a powerful speech in Amsterdam when he received Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience Award 2018. His former teammate and close friend, Eric Reid, was present at the ceremony and handed him the [More]
Kylie Jenner is more upset than Travis Scott over Nicki Minaj’s latest diss. Plus – Khloe Kardashian reacts to ‘marrying’ Tristian Thompson. #KylieJenner #TravisScott #nickiminaj Nicki Minaj is still SO pissed off that Travis Scott‘s [More]
The future has a lot in store, and you might be suprised to see what’s to come in the next 50+ years.
Real Salary Of Black Panther Actors
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Movie director Spike Lee says he views Nike’s ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick ‘courageous’ because it affects their bottom line and is on the right side of history for what they are doing.
Colin Kaepernick has become one of the most polarizing people in america, but most people didn’t even know who he was prior to 2012 when he became a surprise star for the 49ers. This video [More]