24 HOURS Buying EVERYTHiNG My Kids Touch! *BAD IDEA*

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Short History: My name is Kevin Edwards Jr and I’m a husband, father of 3, real estate investor, entrepreneur, car lover, and cuddler. I’ve been on YouTube for about 12 years now(off and on).. I have a Gaming Channel with over 4 million subscribers which is awesome & I enjoy doing. I’ve decided to come back to this vlog channel and show you guys that anything you set your mind too is possible. In 2015, I was living with my parents, sleeping on the floor every night, and in a depressed state of mind almost every day. One day, I decided to get off my a** and grind like crazy on my YouTube channels & that has paid off HUGELY. My family and I now own over 18 investment properties with more to come. Thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoy ..please SUBSCRIBE and continue to support my family and I.

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