10 Times Wendy Williams Was More SAVAGE Than TheTalko

10 famous people Wendy Williams has dissed.
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If you have ever seen “The Wendy Williams Show” then you know Wendy Williams is not one to bite her tongue. She says whatever is on her mind, no matter who it might hurt or offend. Here are 10 Times Wendy Williams Was More Savage Than TheTalko. We all know that Ariana Grande is short, but Wendy didn’t have to call her out on it! On her show, she said that Ariana is so short that she can’t even view the singer as a woman! Harsh! She even came for Beyonce once! She claimed that Beyonce is terrible at speaking and sounds like she only has a fifth-grade education! Wendy is super bold for going after queen Bey like that! Whether it be Kim Zolciak, Kylie Jenner, or Alyssa Milano, Wendy Williams does not care who she offends! Stay tuned to 10 Times Wendy Williams Was More Savage Than TheTalko to find out why people were trying to get Wendy’s show canceled!

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