10 Strict Rules You’d Need To Follow To Live In Kim Kardashian’s House

Kim Kardashian Runs A Very Strict Household With These Strict Rules To Follow.
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What is it like to live in Kim Kardashian’s multi-million dollar home? There are a lot of rules to follow that ensure not only the home’s spotlessness, but also the family’s safety. You’d also have to prepare to live with the eccentric rules of Kanye. They don’t just apply to Kim and their children– they apply to everyone in the house! So are you ready to live a minimalist life devoid of any jewelry? If you can resist wearing flashy colors and eating on the couch, then maybe you can hack it in Kim Kardashian’s home. The kooky couple don’t allow phones at the table, and aren’t really fans of air conditioning. Some of these rules are bound to tick normal people off, but that’s daily life for a Kardashian-West. Can you handle this life? Let us know in the comments, and follow TheTalko for more videos. Thanks for watching!

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