Published on Oct 6, 2016 Written, Directed, & Edited by INANNA SARKIS +INSTAGRAM: +FACEBOOK: +TWITTER: ___________________________________ Cinematographer: Neil Fernandez Starring: INANNA SARKIS as Anxious Girlfriend CURTIS LEPORE as Committed Boyfriend [More]
A YouTube user posted footage to his channel of his wife of 18 years cheating on him. The way he caught her was out of the ordinary, because he used a drone. He claims he [More]
Music video by Chris Brown featuring Tyga performing Holla At Me.
CJ invites some girls over for a kickback which later turns into a raunchy game of Spin the Bottle
Terrence Delance’s “Thoughts While Watching Porn” goes a little something like this. #ADDSKETCH @terrencedelane Subscribe today! → CONNECT WITH ADD ← [CREDITS] Starring: Terrance Delane Written/Directed/Produced by Patrick Cloud
Subscribe today! Frosty Green and King Trey trade scathing attack ads to see who really deserves to be President of South Central. Does Trey wear fake Jordans? Does Frosty rock a fake chain? Let [More]
Yesterday afternoon, Kanye West announced a Pablo pop-up store in New York City. The store, located on 83 Wooster St., opened yesterday. Ahead of the opening, we went down to check out the scene. Subscribe [More]
Meg Scoop, Do Boy, Kanisha Buss, and Jon Scarlett discuss what is sexy and what is purely crazy when dealing with the opposite sex. #TheCooler When The Bough Breaks in theaters September 9: #ad [More]
Rapper J. Cole, who typically keeps to himself and isn’t known to make unfavorable comments about other celebs, had some interesting tweets on his Twitter account yesterday. Specifically, that Kim K wasn’t actually robbed, and [More]