In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to What Students Say To Teachers vs What They Want To Say By Tpindell and we just think this video speaks so much truth Jasmine’s Twitch………► Submit [More]
►Celebs React To Craig Mack’s Death ►The Querulist #1 Urban News Channel is quickly becoming a well known and respected brand. With over 1.2 Million followers across our social networks, and website hits surpassing 1 [More]
Before Ol’ Dirty Bastard founded the Wu-Tang Clan along with his cousins RZA and GZA, and changed the model for hip-hop groups forever… Ol’ Dirt Dog and his cousins combined their love for Kung Fu [More]
I SHOT THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!!!! Can we get this video to 20,000 likes??? Beyoncé Cover:… SOOOO I was shooting ROYAL CRUSH SEASON 3 this week, so I have been on [More]
Published on Oct 6, 2016 Written, Directed, & Edited by INANNA SARKIS +INSTAGRAM: +FACEBOOK: +TWITTER: ___________________________________ Cinematographer: Neil Fernandez Starring: INANNA SARKIS as Anxious Girlfriend CURTIS LEPORE as Committed Boyfriend [More]
A YouTube user posted footage to his channel of his wife of 18 years cheating on him. The way he caught her was out of the ordinary, because he used a drone. He claims he [More]
“Decline” by Zeus Anderson – #HollaAtMeMusic
Bryson Tiller’s debut album “T R A P S O U L” available everywhere. Get it now!
A retired Los Angeles cop believes he’s found enough evidence to prove Sean (Diddy) Combs was responsible for the murder of Tupac Shakur. Greg Kading says Puff Daddy granted Crips member Duane Keith (Keffe D) [More]
These are the thoughts women think before they go out. #ADDSKETCH