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Recently, DJ Vlad sat down with Killa J, the SODMG member who was shot during a robbery attempt outside a studio he and Soulja Boy’s team were in at the time. As the “Crank That” [More]
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Once EMPD’s Erick Sermon decided to open up his home to Redman toward the end of their album, Unfinished Business, he says the two lived in his one bedroom apartment and began to focus strictly [More]
SUBSCRIBE: BEFORE BIG L would started a group with fellow Harlem rappers Mase and Cam’ron. BEFORE Big L would impress hip hop producer Lord Finesse when he freestyled for him at an autograph signing [More]
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SUBSCRIBE: BEFORE his debut studio album The Chronic released in 1992 would become one of the most celebrated Hip Hop Albums of all time. BEFORE his second studio album 2001 would be certified sextuple [More]